It can be expensive trying to maintain a workout wardrobe. We need enough of the right gear, for the right season that fits well and serves its purpose. There always seems to be something new to buy, but a lot of us already have a decent amount of kit. We just don’t wear all of it. If we can get more from the clothes we already have it could save us a fortune, and stop our spaces being cluttered with unused items. Here are our top tips on maximising your wardrobe and minimising your spending.

Get paid to recycle old clothes and shoes

Some shops will take your old clothes and shoes in exchange for money off coupons. Runners Need, M&S and H&M are a few which have offered this, though deals change all the time so have a search to see what’s currently available.

Repair broken stitching

Unstitched hems or holes in seams can be fixed. You don’t always need a specialist sewing machine. Using a zigzag stitch which most domestic machines have will still allow the fabric to stretch. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask for advice or have a look on youtube for a tutorial. I’d always recommend having a practice on a piece of scrap fabric before diving in!


Do you have holes in knees or elbows of a favourite item that you can’t bear to part with? Turn it into a pair of shorts or a short sleeved top by cutting off and hemming the legs or arms.

Have a t-shirt that you love but it’s too big or you don’t like the fit? Cut the sleeves out to make a flowy tank top or shorten to make a crop top. On t-shirts you don’t always need to stitch the edges. Just leave them raw.

Consider getting a design printed onto a plain garment to bring it to life. Check out your local merch printers to see what they can offer, or get some transfer paper and do it yourself. You can also get iron on reflective patches which could not only add a bit of pizzazz, but also cover up any small holes.

Rescue stinky clothes

Sometimes, even after washing, the smell of sweat can linger in your clothes. To eliminate the smell you need to kill the bacteria in the cloth fibres. Yes, you can buy specialist sports washes but these can be expensive. Try washing with a mix of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. For particularly persistent smells, try soaking in this mix for at least an hour before washing.

Sell or swap old stuff

Often we have gear in great condition that we just don’t wear. Maybe it doesn’t fit properly or we’ve fallen out of love with the design. If you know you’ll never wear it again, don’t just leave it in the drawer taking up valuable space. Someone else could be getting use out of it! Facebook groups are great places to sell or swap gear. Some brands have their own fan groups, or you could try a group dedicated to your preferred sport.

Of course, there are still going to be times when you do need to buy new. By investing in quality items that will last you can minimise your spending over time. Here at Ruby Fury we make all our gear in Exmouth with quality materials and construction designed to last for years. And if you do need any Ruby Fury items restitched, we’ll do it for free, no matter how old the garment is.