Can men wear women’s leggings and shorts?

This is a question I’m getting asked more frequently, and the answer is a definite yes!

More men wear leggings these days, but the choice doesn’t seem to be as vast as it is with women’s brands. Men want a good choice of funky leggings too!

I’m often asked “Will women’s leggings fit me properly?” For a while I thought about designing a separate style for men, but as I’ve gained more customers, I’m seeing the women’s style works absolutely fine. Sometimes the standard women’s sizes are exactly right but, just like women, men often need adjustments to their sizing. It might be extra length in the leg, or more width or height in the waist. All Ruby Fury gear is made here in Exmouth with customisable sizing at no extra cost, so this is no problem at all!

So, where do you start when you want to order a pair of leggings?

Firstly, you need to send me your measurements (don’t worry if you’re not sure how to take these, I can talk you through it). In addition to the usual waist, hip and leg length, I’ll also check the thigh, calf and ankle. And of course it makes a difference whether a tight or relaxed fit is preferred.

If your measurements are close to one of my standard sizes, I’ll suggest trying this first. Standard sizes can be returned or exchanged and it’s good to have a starting point for any adjustments you might need. If it’s clear you need a custom size, then I’ll work through the measurements carefully with you to ensure the best fit first time. Once you have a pair of leggings you’re happy with, I’ll keep the details on file to make it easy for any future orders. All you’ll need to do is remind me when you order that I hold a custom size for you.

You can choose any of the current prints, plain colours and thermals on the website, but if you don’t see something you like, it’s possible to order a different design for you. Send me a message and I’ll give you a link to the site I use which has thousands of designs to choose from! It does, however, cost a little more to order a custom design. Click here for more information.

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“Thank you so much for the Enchanted leggings. They have exceeded my expectations. The custom fit is like a glove. I have been testing the leggings every day for the last five days with my morning routine. Walking squats steps just great. I will definitely be ordering some fleece leggings for the winter. Thank you again it’s great to be wearing something made locally.”

Gordon Finlay

As a very slim bloke ( 29″waist) I was looking for a pair of shorts just for leisure and to muck about in. Most ‘ordinary’ shorts just fall off me so I happened upon Maria’s site and just sent her an enquiry about suitability etc. She’s so kind and efficient, and having sent her my measurements she suggested I try a pair of standard shorts with the proviso that if they weren’t quite right, she would be happy to custom make a pair . Well, they’re fine and from order to delivery was 2 days !! I will be getting some thermals for the winter too.

Mark Weldon