Custom size leggings and shorts – how does that work?

If you consider yourself to be a non standard clothing size, I feel your pain!

The frustration of not being able to find anything that fits properly is not to be underestimated. Having to settle for something you don’t really like because it’s the only thing you can find that fits, endless alterations to brand new items, or just not bothering with new things because it’s too much trouble can be the norm for the many of us who don’t tick the “standard size” box.

This is the main reason Ruby Fury was born. I want to ensure people of all sizes, shapes and heights can have a choice about what they wear and feel confident about getting a great fit.

I make all Ruby Fury garments from my workshop in Exmouth. In addition to the many “standard” sizes, lengths and waist height options on offer, I am very happy to customise any size to suit you.

What adjustments can you do?

I can blend different sizes together, make adjustments in specific areas and add or take away length in both the legs and body. I can also make larger and smaller sizes than my standard range.

My most common adjustments are adding extra room in the waist, and changing the leg length, but adjustments can be made to suit any body shape. This means Ruby Fury leggings are also suitable for men to wear.

Please be aware I offer size adjustments only, not changes to the construction of the garments or the addition of features such as pockets.

What if I don’t really need any adjustments, but I’m in between sizes?

Due to the high stretch of the fabric, there’s a good chance you will fit in the size up or down depending on how tight you prefer to wear your leggings. If, however, the sizes are unsuitable then I can offer an in between size.

What does it cost?

I don’t charge any extra for custom sizes.

So how do I order?

Whether or not you need a custom size, it’s always advisable to take measurements before you order for the first time. Generally this will be waist, hip and leg length. If you often have issues with fit over the legs or waist height then extra measurements will be requested. Please contact me to discuss your individual needs, and if you need any advice on how to measure.

If your measurements are close to one of my standard sizes it may be worth trying this first. Standard sizes can be exchanged or returned and it gives a good starting point to see if a custom size is really needed. Custom sizes are non returnable so if you choose to do this for your first order, I will work carefully with you to ensure correct measurements and a good fit. Take a look at the size guide for more information about measurements.

If you’re local to Exmouth, I can arrange an appointment for you to try on some sizes and measurements can be taken. 

Each time I do a custom size I keep the details on file. So if you’d like to place an order for the same size in future, just remind me to look up your size when you place your order.

So, no matter what shape, size or height you are I’m confident I can make you a perfect fitting pair of leggings or shorts. If you have any questions, are unsure which standard size to try, or want to chat about anything else, feel free to contact me.

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I wanted custom length, features and fit and Maria sorted these all out in record time and even sent the leggings in a little box so it felt like a present. build quality looks great and material is not see though at all. At 6,5″ and being a slim build i struggle to find things that fit but am really happy to have found these UK made leggings, keep it up.

Alex Desmond

Lovely comfortable leggings. I ordered the petite size small being 5, 2″ and usually a size 8. They were too tight around the waste so Maria made me another pair with a slightly larger waist. Wonderful service!

Vicki Montague