Sizing is a minefield! How often do you find yourself between sizes? What fits in one shop seems to be far too small in another. That sinking feeling when the new bottoms you’ve just ordered won’t pull up over your hips is all too familiar in the apparel buying process!

One of the reasons behind Ruby Fury was to ensure that women could find their perfect fitting activewear. Plus size to petite, Maria is extremely passionate that everyone feels at home in their workout gear.

There is nothing more frustrating when out for a run than leggings that end up around your ankles unless you constantly tug them up. Equally, the fear of shorts falling down in the gym to reveal what’s underneath is mortifying! At the same, nobody wants to squeeze into bottoms that are so tight that you cannot relax once your workout is complete. We think we have the balance right here. Our goal is to guarantee the best fitting workout gear to save embarrassment and avoid distraction. The fabrics we use are built for comfort during strenuous exercise as well as for lounging on the sofa.

When purchasing Ruby Fury products, we encourage the use of the size guide to ensure you’ll receive the perfect pair for you. If you’re unsure what size to go for we’d love you to get in touch!

Waist height and leg length can also be chosen on both our leggings and shorts to get clothing to suit everyone’s shape. Feeling confident when you’re at CrossFit, yoga or out for a jog is so important! A great fit and the right fabric (along with a pattern that shouts you!) make sure that happens.