There’s one thing for sure, and that’s fitness is fashionable in 2019! So if you’re well and truly on the fitness bandwagon already, then you can really make the most of it this year. Let’s have a look at some of the trends that are set to take centre stage in 2019.

Wearable Tech

If you love tracking and analysing your workouts then this will be great news. Wearable tech is due to be even more popular in the coming year. Companies are developing increasingly clever gadgets that allow you to record your fitness activities in new ways. This means more and more analysis for you fitness geeks! With tracking available across a multitude of different sports and in many locations, it is becoming easier to reach your fitness goals with the support of various gizmos.


Shorter time, higher intensity, same results! It’s no surprise that the popular HIIT training is due to be big this year too. If you didn’t know (then where have you been?), HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. These workouts involve exercises that will hike your heart rate for a short period, helping you burn just as many, if not more, calories! Studies have shown that you do not have to exercise for hours to get great results. Perfect for busy mums or those that work long hours.

Group workouts

Social bunnies will be thrilled to find out that group workouts are due to grow in popularity for 2019. Exercising with others is a brilliant way to get motivated and socialise at the same time. Furthermore, whether you’re partaking in a CrossFit competition or simply training for fun, doing it with friends promotes a little bit of competition so that everyone pushes themselves to the best of their abilities. So grab a buddy, join a club or sign up to some new classes at the gym.

Home workouts

Get fighting fit by simply turning on the telly! It’s no wonder this trend is a biggy and will continue to be this year. Streaming workouts at home is becoming easier and a multitude of personal trainers have published programs that are meant exclusively for home use. Whether you have a fully stocked home gym or limited equipment, there are numerous training sessions that you can do in your living room.


Yogis, listen up! Yoga is also due to grow in popularity this year. If you haven’t tried yoga before then you need to. It will help increase your flexibility, and compliment your other training. What’s more, our busy modern lives can lead to stress which many yoga classes will help combat with a relaxing meditation session!

Wherever your fitness journey takes you in 2019, let’s embrace new challenges and make it a good one! If you’re on the hunt for some new workout gear to inspire you this year then have a browse of our prints.