How often have you read articles with ideas for small gifts and then discovered the price is hundreds of pounds? We’re not sure about you, but that price doesn’t say small gift to us (unless you’re a millionaire of course!) Our suggestions have a far more modest price-tag, and we’re proud to say that every one of them comes from a small business around the UK. What are you waiting for?! Check out these gifts for under £20 below…

These businesses did not pay to be featured, and we do not receive any commission for any purchases made through these links. We just thought the products would be a good fit for our audience!

Our first suggestion comes from Badass Mother Runners and is their Running Buff which comes in at £10. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn multiple different ways, from a headband, to neck covering, to around your wrist. In a choice of 4 colours, this versatile piece of kit is a must-have for the Badass fitness enthusiast in your life!

quad skate beanie

If you’re not sure that would keep your gift recipient warm enough, how about this fabulous quad skate beanie from Quad Store? These beanies are navy blue with pink and white detailing with a pom pom on top! It costs £15 and with free UK shipping, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!

Our next gift idea is from an up and coming brand, Harrier. Their soft flasks are so bright and colourful we just had to feature them! Their ultra-wide neck makes them easy to refill and add additional hydration/energy powders, gels or tablets. Priced from £11 they have flasks of different volumes, with or without straws and made to fit most race vests.

We all need good socks! Having the right pair is vital for good performance, comfort and support and with prices from £11.99 they make the perfect gift.

From professional to amateur, the Moggans performance socks are designed to meet the demands of any athlete or adventurer, from runners, trail runners, ultra-runners, track runners to cyclists & MTB, walkers, hikers, golfers, adventure runners, backcountry skiers.

All Moggans socks are designed and tested in Scotland. Some of the socks are also made in Scotland, while others are made in Europe.

Now we’d like to introduce Notch. This is an incredible gift, whether you’re adding a Notch to an existing collection, or whether you’re starting someone on their Notch-worthy journey. At the time of writing there is a choice of 14 bracelet colours and 11 notch colours. The range of available notches is expanding rapidly, but even if there isn’t a notch for the event you want right now, there is an option to personalise your own! The only limit is your own imagination (and a limit to 25 characters)!

Trainer tags are a great way for the fitness enthusiast in your life to keep your love and encouragement with them, even when you can’t be! Check out these hand stamped, completely customisable, tags from Love and Stardust for just £11.50!

Finally, from our own range, we’d like to feature the fleece-lined headband. Perfect for cold or windy days, it will keep you warm without making you overheat.  Handmade in any of our fabulous prints or plain colours and lined with black fleece, it wicks away any moisture ensuring you stay dry. Whatever your activity, this is a great option at £12.00 with free UK delivery.

Whatever you choose for your Christmas gifts, consider using small independent businesses who you just know will be doing a little happy dance at every order they get! Remember small businesses do gift vouchers too. Show some love by following their Facebook pages or Instagram accounts. It will be appreciated more than you know!