How is your fitness regime panning out? We all have time constraints so it’s just a matter of fitting in say, half an hour of movement where ever we can.

Is Your Exercise Effected By The Weather?

The exciting thing is that it’s been a little warmer lately but hang fire! This time last year it was looking like this as well and then….snow! I’m not sure whether its time to bare one’s legs quite yet, even though we’ve seen double figure temperatures in the last few days and some nice bursts of sun. There’s no doubt that our fickle weather certainly has a way of catching us out at this time of year…

Use Disciplin To Stay On Course

Whether you’re trying to lose fat or just generally trying to get back into fitness, it’s always best to have an exercise and food schedule to work to. Are you a long distance fan or do you indulge in short hard bursts? Do you run on or off road or do you exercise indoors? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter as long as it works for you. All exercise works as long as you’re comfortable with the routine and you’re disciplined.

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