High-energy business owner Maria Graham has revolutionised her activewear line by turning her lifelong love of fashion and fitness into exciting, expressive workout gear and activewear with attitude that works with you, not against you. It is her passion and drive that makes Ruby Fury what it is today – a successful activewear line for women of all ages and fitness levels…



“Finding great fitting clothes isn’t always easy. We’re all different shapes and heights so buying off the peg doesn’t suit everyone. Ruby Fury garments are made to order, which means I’m able to offer a huge range of sizes and different options of leg length and waist height to give you great fitting activewear. Even if my standard options don’t work for you, I’m happy to speak to you about making something that does.

I’m a non-standard size and have always struggled to find great fitting clothes. Having run a clothing alterations business for 8 years I know only too well I’m not alone in this.

I have over 25 years of professional sewing experience and pride myself on offering quality items finished to a high standard. I’ve tested the garments repeatedly during roller derby training so I am confident they are strong and comfortable enough for any activity.

I aim to make you a garment that fits well and gives you confidence. I want you to feel amazing by making you the most comfortable and flattering leggings and shorts you’ve ever worn.”


Ever since a young age, Maria wanted her own business. In school she would make jewellery and leather bracelets to sell to her friends, which encouraged her to take a creative career path.

When she left school Maria started an apprenticeship at BKS Leather Ltd, a company that specialises in bespoke motorcycle leathers that have been worn by Prince William, Daniel Day-Lewis and Robbie Williams. She was trained to a high standard in all areas of production including stitching, cutting and pattern making, and during the 8 years she spent with the company she also assisted with garment alterations and developing new products.

Later, Maria opened her own clothing alterations business in Exmouth, offering a huge range of garment alterations. She would learn a great deal about how people differ in shape and size and how it makes people feel good when their clothes fit well.

In her spare time, Maria has always had a passion for sport and fitness and has worked part-time as a personal trainer. She is also a Boxercise and TRX instructor and has been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. She has a black belt in Kenpo Kickboxing and more recently has taken up Roller Derby.

It was her Roller Derby training which gave her the idea for Ruby Fury. She needed a pair of leggings which was tough enough to withstand the knocks and falls of the sport; a pair of leggings which would fit so well they didn’t need to be altered and didn’t need to be constantly pulled up at the waist, a fabric which would perform well during long sweaty training sessions, and also something fun and eye catching. This was never going to be easy to find, so with her background, it made sense to make her own.

The leggings proved popular with the girls at Roller Derby, and Maria soon realised they were perfect for many different sports and activities. Now she has customers who do CrossFit, yoga, running, pole dancing and climbing to name a few!


Ruby Fury Activewear features patterns and designs that put the fun in working out. Why wear uninspiring plain workout gear when you can stand out? Our exciting collection will truly inspire you to finish your workout and not give up, plus they’re perfect for everyday wear as well!