For fitness gear that really fits, you’ve come to the right place. We want to make sure you get the right gear for your workout and lifestyle, no matter your height or body shape. We’re all different, there’s no such thing as an odd size!

This guide is a starting point and will not work for everyone, so if you feel none of these sizes or lengths will suit you, please get in touch through email to discuss this. All of the garments are made to order so it is possible to make adjustments during production. Please be aware if you do order a custom size this will not be returnable unless faulty.



high waist vs standard waist

High waist option: Our high waist option adds approximately 1.5 inches to the waistband at the front, and 1 inch at the back. Illustration shows the front view.

To measure your waist: Measure the smallest part of your waist, just above your belly button. Use the same measurement regardless of whether you choose the standard or high waist option. Keep the tape measure at the same height all the way around. Resist the urge to suck in your stomach! Do not measure over the top of bulky clothing.

To measure your hips: Measure the fullest part of your hips/bottom keeping the tape measure at the same height all the way around. Do not measure over the top of bulky clothing.

Leggings: Our leggings have a choice of inside leg lengths. Petite = 26 inches, regular = 28 inches or long = 30 inches. Not to be confused with the length you wear for trousers or jeans, if you are in any doubt, please take a measurement. You can either measure a pair of leggings you already have in the right length (along the inside leg seam, from crotch to bottom of hem. Measure without stretching the fabric). Or you can measure along the length of your actual leg, from where the junction of the crotch seam will be, to where you want the hem to finish.

Short lengths: Our shorts are available in short, mid-length and long, as illustrated below. Inside leg seam is approximately 2.5 inches on short length, 5.75 inches on mid length and 9.5 inches on long length.

Capri leggings: The inside leg seam on our capris measures approximately 20 inches.



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