In the lead up to the launch of our new prints, we ran some Facebook polls to see who could come up with the best names for these exciting prints. We got some great suggestions, and we might have to do this everytime we get a new range! 

For the Neon Wave print, Neon was a prominent theme! Neon Rush, Neon Swirls, but eventually the vote was between Neon Wave and Neon Frenzy, with the winner getting 62% of the votes. Everyone got creative for the Floral Fantasy print, including suggestions for ‘Tropical Paradise’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Pandora’s Petals’. The voters chose Floral Fantasy!

Our Odyssey print got suggestions ranging from geometric, galaxy and water inspirations, and this poll got the highest amount of votes. We couldn’t be happier with the result, the same really fits! There were some inventive suggestions for our Scary Christmas print, including ‘Deck the Hells’ and ‘sorry kids, Santa’s dead’. We might have to keep them for the future!

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