As September arrives and the lazy days of summer begin to disappear for another year, many of us we will be thinking of getting back to the gym this autumn. Here are some of our favourite tips to help keep you motivated:

  • Change the routine. It sounds simple, but even changing the days or times of your workouts week to week can make your routine less predictable. Change your workouts each time as well!
  • A guilty pleasure playlist. Everyone prefers to listen to their own music anyway, but instead of those generic ‘gym playlists’ on Spotify why not just listen to what you want to! Whether it’s the Mamma Mia soundtrack or Heavy metal, listening to what makes you happy will make exercising way more enjoyable.
  • Try a class you’ve never thought of. If Zumba or Pilates have always been a firm ‘no’, why not give them a go this September. Getting out of your comfort zone will make you work harder and get more results.
  • Get yourself a great pair of shorts or leggings! It’s all about having the right gear that makes you want to head out the door. The Ruby Fury range is perfect for any workout. Comfortable and practical, yet bold and unique.
  • Treat yourself. Having something to look forward to is always a great motivator, especially if it has something to do with chocolate…

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