high waist vs standard waist

Our high waist vs standard waist

You may have noticed a new addition to the Ruby Fury range; we now have a high waist option!

For owner Maria, this was an important option for Ruby Fury to have as so many active women love to have high waist options in the wardrobe, listen to what she has to say:

‘I’ve always struggled to buy clothes which fit me properly and, having run a clothing alterations business for 8 years, I know only too well I’m not alone in this.

This is why I’ve always been keen to offer different options with the fit of each garment. While it’s not possible to offer a full made to measure service without a significant increase in price, having options for leg length and waist height can be enough to give a great fit without costing a fortune. I’ve always offered a choice of leg length on my website, but the extra high waist was something I only did when asked. I’ve had so many requests for this it now makes sense to add it as an optional extra.

A high waist is flattering, makes the legs look longer and holds everything in!’