Beth, a blogger whose blog covers everything from life to beauty and fashion has got in touch with us about her weight loss journey:
“SO my journey at the moment is currently writing and practicing how exercise can help or help manage depression.
This was born from the fact that when I hit a depressive episode, I eat and it’s about managing that as well as trying to help my mental health.
SO I guess the aim is weight loss and hopefully a better mental health state! I like Ruby Fury activewear because it’s comfortable and the waistband on my leggings doesn’t dig in like other brands I’ve tried. Being a snappy dresser like me, I love a bold print and Ruby Fury’s line speaks to me.”
We want to hear why you wear Ruby Fury. Whether you love going to the gym or are taking part in a sporting event, we want to hear your story!
Beth wears our Astro Print Leggings.
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