Kathryn Henton has shared her story with us: 

“Maybe it’s a premature mid-life crisis, maybe it’s that feeling I got when I looked in the mirror after having my second (and last) baby, but, in April this year, I joined a Crossfit ‘Box’. That’s right, not a gym, a Box. I’m one of ‘them’ now.

I’m all about body positivity and everything; I know that my body has done an amazing thing and I should be proud and want to shriek from the top of a mountain wearing nothing but a bearskin and thrusting a sword in the air for what my body has been able to do. But for me, I needed to melt away the baby house I’d grown two humans in and get back to feeling ‘me’ again.

I have the attention span of a gnat. I needed a regime of quick changing HIIT style workouts to keep me motivated and to do it with other, like-minded people who would high five me even though I’d only be able to do two burpees in one sitting.

So I joined CrossFit Pi in April and my journey began.

And I loved it.  I mean I totally and utterly fell in love. I love the discipline, the people and most of all, what it was and still is doing to my body. The positivity from everyone there, whether a PT or fellow ‘athlete’ (Hahahaha!!) is like sunbeams on a chilly day.  The place oozes friendship and a genuine sense of belonging right from the start.

I’m a big fan of having all the kit I need in an ‘all the gear, no idea’ kind of way so I asked the girls at Crossfit what I’d need.

Now, leggings are important. In CrossFit, they need to be sturdy, squat proof, covering the ‘mum tum’ and most of all, COLOURFUL.  So when I asked the group for their recommendations they instantly said ‘Ruby Fury’.

Didn’t take me long before my first order was in. They couldn’t have been more up my alley.  I wore them the day they arrived and they looked awesome! The fit was amazing, they looked great and I was ready to smash it at training!

The competitions have come round quick. I wasn’t ready for this year’s Aphrodite Comp but I went and watched. I had sweaty palms just watching them! But it spurred me on. I’m giving myself twelve months to crack this sport. Twelve months til the next Aphrodite and I WILL compete. You know what else?  I might even wear my Ruby shorts.

I bought them as a goal. Now, as above, I’m all about the wonders of the female form and how amazing our bodies are BUT, I haven’t reached that place where I’m comfortable wearing the shorts in public yet!  It’s going to happen though.  My Ruby shorts are gorgeous and they fit like a dream. Self-esteem has never been my strong point but in twelve months, I’m going to have the confidence to stride out in my Ruby shorts and say “YES MAMA!”

So my journey started. April 2018. In my Ruby’s and at the beginning of a transformation into a bona fide CrossFit mama with a washboard stomach you could bounce pound coins off. Well, a girl can dream…..”.


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