Meet the inspirational Ruby Fury Brand Ambassadors. A kickass bunch of women! Read about what they do and what they think of the brand.

Mandy Powell Ruby Fury brand ambassador

Mandy Powell

Tell us a bit about you: I am a mother of 15yr old daughter and 20yr old son who are both still at home. I’ve been married for 25 years this may, together for 32. We have Biscuit our house bunny who thinks he’s a dog. I work as a phlebotomist at Dorset County Hospital and with NHS Blood and Transplant. 


Your Sport of Choice: Crossfit got me into weightlifting. I have been lifting for 4 years now but I also enjoy strength training, spinning, HIIT, cycling and play on a local netball team.  


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: This is a hard one…. Cosmic Rainbow 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? The prints are amazing, I love colour and can always find a print to match my hair! The feel and fit is great. They are a great product and affordable.  The service is excellent both during and after purchase. Maria is amazing and will try to accommodate any prospective buyers needs. It’s great to be able to support an expanding British small business. 


How long have you been an ambassador? 4 years this year 


Tell us something surprising about you: I recently qualified as a British Weight Lifting Level 1 Assistant Coach 

Sorrell Rawlings

Sorrell Rawlings

Tell us a bit about you: I am the owner of b2b Fitness UK. I am, and have always been, a keen fitness and sports enthusiast. I adore my job as a Fitness Professional. Group Training is my bag and I throw 100% of myself into every client. I’m super dedicated to my own health and fitness but at the same time, I bloody love a good party! 

More importantly than that though, I am wife to my lovely husband Brendan and we have two energetic, cheeky and hilarious little people. Kitty is my six-year-old beauty that is incredibly tough, clever and funny. Rex is my handsome five-year-old who is shy, fast, kind and completely adorable. Both of them push my buttons and have become both arch enemies and thick as thieves as their age gap seems to close in on me even more! 


Your Sport of Choice: Currently I partake in lots of gym work (I love resistance/lifting things), indoor rock climbing, hiking and netball. I place Centre and have done since I was nine years old. I love the running around like a mad dog part! Im quite competitive and hate injustice on the court/field or losing in general! Rugby, however, is my one true love! 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: Literally an unspeakable question, how dare you ask?! Haha! 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? Everything from the fit and style but mainly the comfort. The prints are so fun and each and every one tempts me to purchase! I have a decent collection now and I’d say 70% of my bootcamp girls now own a pair too!  

Mainly though, Maria has worked alone crafting these immense leggings and growing her business. I’m so impressed by her and she is always kind and humble. She’ll do anything to make sure you’re happy with your purchase, from half sizes to adjustments. She’s very clever! Mine have all stood the test of time – and I do a lot of burpees! 


How long have you been an ambassador: I’ve been an ambassador for Maria for 2.5 years (I think). 


Tell us something surprising about you: I lived in the Middle East for 12 years and only recently moved home. In that time I represented and Vice Captained the UAE in the Women’s International Rugby 7s squad for five years. I told you, rugby is my one true love! 

hannah warne running coach and Ruby Fury brand ambassador

Hannah Warne

Tell us a bit about you: I’m a Mum to 3 girls (9, 6 and 3 years old) and have been married for 12 years. We also have 3 guinea pigs. I’m lucky enough to be a stay-at-home parent, but with my youngest starting school in September, I’m in the process of building my own business as a running coach. I also have the best job in the world, working freelance for Maria (Mrs Ruby Fury herself!)!  


Your Sport of Choice: Running! Despite being hopeless at PE and the last to be chosen for anything, I ran the London Marathon when I was 18 years old. After that I didn’t run again for around 16 years. On a whim, after my second daughter was born, I entered the London Marathon ballot and got a place. That was 2015 and I’ve carried on running ever since.  


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: I have lots of favourites (flutterby, rainbow zebra, snow leopard, vortex, Sirius, I could go on!), but I think the absolute top spot goes to Floral Fantasy. I came up with the name and it’s where my whole Ruby Fury journey began! 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? Everything! Of the leggings, I love the comfort, style, fit and quality! Of the business, I love the beliefs, the customer service and the fact that it’s a local small business! 


How long have you been an ambassador: Just over 2 years.  


Tell us something surprising about you: I met my husband while we were both kickboxing.  

Caz Dart aerial instructor and Ruby Fury brand ambassador

caz dart

Tell us a bit about you: I’m a mother to 2 teenagers and a lovely big boned dog called Bane. Been with my husband for 23 years this year. 


Your Sport of Choice: I’m keen on hanging upside down on any aerial equipment I can. My love for being upside down started in 2008 with my first pole fitness class. I was completely hooked from day 1! Now I do hoop, silks, pole, aerial yoga, rope and straps.  


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: My favourite print changes every time there’s a new print! I’m normally drawn to all the blue and purple designs.  


What do you love about Ruby Fury? I love that they are fab on all the aerial equipment, as I’ve been through lots of different brands to find leggings that don’t slide in moves. Ruby Fury leggings are PERFECT for aerial! 


How long have you been an ambassador? I’ve been an ambassador since March 2019.  


Tell us something surprising about you: I’m also a qualified twerk instructor! 

Saffron Howie Ruby Fury brand ambassador

saffron howie

Tell us a bit about you: Hi! I’m currently an IT Engineer for an organic farm company, however will be leaving for maternity in July! Grew up in countryside, hated all form of sports really as all school taught was cardio. Shamefully met husband through Plenty of Fish. Currently now 600 miles from home in Elgin, with Olly the Mastiff X, Bella the Newfie and Sidious the evil cat. Brood will be growing end of July to add a wee boy. 


Your Sport of Choice: Lifting is probably the best response! I dabbled with weights at 18 with no real clue what I was doing. Had very negative relationship with food and trained fasted at 3pm to try lose weight. Then I met my husband who was a giant CrossFit fan boy. It was something I’d seen but was always far too shy to try. He took me to the intro course and I loved it! I did CrossFit for about 2 years, loved the lifts and then died during workouts.  After leaving that gym, I began to explore other avenues, one being powerlifting. One day while learning how to bench, this wonderful petite lady was telling me how she competed in strongwoman and that blew my mind. Before that, I thought it was only for larger women and I’d have no chance. In 2019 I decided to throw caution to the wind and enter my first strongwoman comp! I competed at Chippenhams strongest and came fourth, okay out of four, but I loved the events so much and the ladies were so friendly and welcoming, I’ve never competed with people who help you and give you advice! I then entered about a bazillion more competitions, and also did a powerlifting meet. End of 2019 I got married and between that, Christmas and moving house in the January, my training kind of plateaued so at the last minute entered UKs strongest. Again, an absolute amazing day and made even more friends. 

Unfortunately 2020 was a bit of a year wasn’t it? I started dabbling with some weightlifting as the lifts are so technical, I went with PT.  

Once the little man’s born and I’m moving again, I think I will continue playing with all 3 really, I’ll never go far but will be having great fun! My current training goal will be the Elgin Highland Games 2021 if I can, they sound so fun! 

I also enjoy hanging upside down on poles and aerial equipment, and I can’t wait to find a new class up here!  

It’s funny, I’ve gone from someone who hates working out to someone who basically want to try everything. I also plan to try roller derby once I’m allowed on four wheels and again have spoken to a local club, again inspired by Ruby Fury’s origins. I also want to take self defence/martial arts classes inspired by Maria’s recent posts.  


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: This is a tough one! Rainbow Zebra, Rainbows, prism, flutterby... basically all of them! Currently living in my rainbow zebra maternity test leggings, best maternity leggings going!  


What do you love about Ruby Fury? Ruby fury herself! How many other brands can say they’re UK made? The fact she at one point was a one man business and how much she’s growing as a company, I’m so excited for her.  

I love the fit of my Fury’s too, the fun prints and the fact as someone who’s weight is a bit everywhere I can order a Merge or a Lardium. 


How long have you been an ambassador? Over a year or so! It’s hard to keep track of time with such a chaotic few years!  


Tell us something surprising about you: For someone who hates cardio and can’t run well at all (to the point a physio advised avoiding as much as possible otherwise I’ll injure myself!), moving events are probably my strongest event at strongwoman! I love a carry. 

Matisse Brignall Ruby Fury brand ambassador

matisse brignall

Tell us a bit about you: By day, I don’t lead an active lifestyle. I am sat at a desk all day as an insurance broker. A pretty boring (but busy) job, but by night I feel like I become a different person in my bright, colourful running clothes! 


Your Sport of Choice: I have been running for around 5/6 years, started as something that I did to lose weight and instead it changed my life in an amazing way! 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: Cosmic Rainbow 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? Many reasons but it’s wonderful fantastic patterns that never cease to make me smile. The quality is amazing and I love knowing the leggings have been made just for me.  


How long have you been an ambassador? 1 year 


Tell us something surprising about you: It’s my dream to one day compete in a triathlon. Show myself and the world you can really do whatever you put your mind to (so if by then we could have Ruby Fury swimming costumes, that would be great)! 

Natalie Phillips Ruby Fury brand ambassador

natalie phillips

Tell us a bit about you: I’m a 29yearold mum of 3 amazing children, 2 boys and a girl aged 9, 5 and 4 years old. I work in a primary school as a teaching assistant and am training to be a primary teacher. I have a wonderful husband who is ex-military and an above knee amputee. We both started crossfit around 3 years ago now and I have since ventured into strong woman. I train up to 6 times a week including heavy strength sessions, running and crossfit. 


Your Sport of Choice: I compete in strong woman. I started in crossfit and still do this for fun but I always favoured heavy lifting workouts and began to outlift a lot of the guys at the gym. My coach suggested I try strong woman or powerlifting as he coaches both and thought I would be great at either and I haven’t looked back since. 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: There are so many I love but my favourite has to be Snow Leopard and Cerise Thermals! 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? I love they are all handmade and you can get the higher waist band and have matching ones with my daughter. They are definitely squat proof and I’ve never had any issue with them. 


How long have you been an ambassador? About a year 

Sophie Walton from SWAT roller derby and Ruby Fury brand ambassador

sophie walton
(aka Sandy SurfWhacks when on track!)

Tell us a bit about you: I love my job as an Art and Photography teacher and am finally starting to explore making my own artwork after many years of not quite making the time. My husband and I are kept on our toes by our wonderful 7 year old son, who has Down Syndrome and a wicked sense of humour. No pets yet but I can see a dog in the future! 


Your Sport of Choice: My sporting passion is roller skating and I have been playing for local team SWAT Roller Derby for 9 years. After reading an article about London Roller Girls and watching the film Whip It, I just knew Roller Derby would be for me. I googled the local team and joined their beginner skater intake and now I can’t imagine life without it. Feeling lost without skating during lockdown I took up ramp skating as well and, despite protests from my 42 year old body, I have since become totally addicted! Prior to skating I played indoor and beach volleyball for 15 years and I still surf, mountain bike and run when time allows. My newest venture is a SUP board…just about to take my first paddle! 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: My first print was Odyssey and is still one of my favourites but my custom lightning bolt print takes the top spot. The current Matrix print is getting lots of wear right now though…it makes me feel like summer is coming! 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? I started buying Ruby Furys because of the funky prints and supremely comfortable fit. I kept coming back because of the quality (they last wash after wash) and the personal attention that goes into each order. I love that you can customise the fit because they are all made here in the UK. It’s also a nice touch that Ruby Fury has a community page on Facebook where Maria, the owner, actually asks us for feedback on prints and products and is somewhere we can get involved in fun challenges and competitions. 


How long have you been an ambassador? I was invited to become an ambassador for Ruby Fury in 2020, about a year ago. I’ve been supporting the brand since its inception in 2017 so felt honoured to become more involved and join the team of ambassadors in promoting such a quality local brand. 


Tell us something surprising about you: I am a bit of a sci-fi geek and love sci-fi/dystopian books and movies. Anne McCaffery was my teenage go-to read. Not sure how surprising that is though! 

Lindsay Theobold Ruby Fury brand ambassador

lindsay theobold

Tell us a bit about you: I’m a married Mum of 2 boys and we’ve recently added a canary to the family called Flair. I’m an early years practitioner.  I love my job, it’s hard work, can be tough, but it’s so rewarding! I’m currently studying part-time for a BA to support my career. 


Your Sport of Choice: I’m a runner. I spent my childhood being shipped from athletic tracks to road races to cross country courses watching my Dad run. Other than during my pregnancies I can’t remember a time I didn’t run. 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: Got to be my Trax 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? The uniqueness, the fit, the style. I also love supporting a small business that is within the UK.  


How long have you been an ambassador? 1 year 


Tell us something surprising about you: I can’t swim. 

Michelle Mortimer running and trx coach and Ruby Fury brand ambassador

michelle mortimer

Tell us a bit about you: I’m a married mum to an 8 year old and a dog. I work as a self-employed running coach and canicross trainer in the Greater Manchester area.  


Your Sport of Choice: I have been a runner since my early 20s (I’m now in my 40s). I originally started running as a way to keep fit and lose a bit of weight, but I soon discovered how much fun it is. I founded a running club around ten years ago, which led to me training as a Running Coach. I enjoy coaching so much that I decided to leave full time employment after I had my daughter, and set up my own business helping others to fulfil their running goals. More recently, I have discovered canicross running with my dog Poppy, and I work with DogFit UK helping to teach others how to run safely with their dogs. 


What is your favourite Ruby Fury Print: I love Trax at the moment – it camouflages me perfectly when I’m out on the trails and matches my favourite Inov8 running shoes!! 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? I love the designs – they’re all so vibrant and standout. The leggings are so comfortable too – they fit around the waist perfectly and never slip down like other brands. 


How long have you been an ambassador? Around a year – we have such a fun and varied team of ambassadors!! 


Tell us something surprising about you: I’m fluent in Spanish and Italian 

Ingrid Reynolds fitness instructor and Ruby Fury brand ambassador

ingrid reynolds

Tell us a bit about you: I have 3 gorgeous children, 2 boys and a girl all in their twenties, and a very patient husband!  


Your Sport of Choice: I am an exercise instructor, although I started off as a swimming instructor (my background was as a competitive swimmer). It was a no-brainer for me to be an instructor as I’m a born show-off and I love the feeling exercise gives me! 


Favourite Ruby Fury Print: My favourite is the new butterfly print (Mariposa). 


What do you love about Ruby Fury? As someone who lives in Lycra it is a pure joy to have a pair of leggings that stay put no matter what exercise I do! Ruby Fury leggings never need adjusting! 


How long have you been an ambassador? I’m a newbie ambassador for Ruby Fury but really happy to promote a product I love! 


Tell us something surprising about you: I was a contender on Gladiators but was pretty rubbish! 

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