Starting your own business can be an incredibly exciting yet daunting idea. Long days, hard work and no guarantees for success will always be part of the challenge, but along with the risks comes a life-changing experience. Here are founder Maria’s tips for women wanting to take the next step…

Love what you do

You really need to be passionate about your business idea or it’ll be too easy to give up when things get challenging, which they always do sooner or later.

Be financially stable

Before spending any money, prepare by making sure the figures stack up & you’re confident there is a market for what you are offering.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

It will happen so just accept it! Mistakes do not mean failure, so just learn from them and keep going.

Just do it!

Have a plan for how you will cope if the business grows quickly. But, don’t wait until you feel you are ready to start your business. Yes, of course, you have to make plans and do your research but don’t waste too much time on the small details or you’ll never get started. You’ll learn what you need to know and the business will evolve as you go along. It’s scary, but just get on and do it.

Make your mark

Research your competition thoroughly and try to offer something a little different to make you stand out. Create a unique story for your brand. Whether it’s how you source your materials or where you get inspiration, make your story known!

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